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Trainer and riding coach with her horse at Little Britain Stables.

About Little Britain Stables

For more than 50 years, Little Britain Stables has taught aspiring equestrians the fundamentals of horsemanship on its 90 acres of paddocks and trails set on Kentucky’s rolling hills. Specializing in beginners, these equestrian educators teach riding for show or for fun, emphasizing safety at every level. The indoor and outdoor arenas at Little Britain Stables provide an ideal setting to learn a variety of different disciplines, including dressage, hunt seat, saddleseat, and western-style riding. The stables feature as many as 20 different breeds of horses and ponies, suitable for riders of any size or skill level, whether they’re a high-school student who has never ridden on a horse or a judge who rides into court on a majestic bronco.


About Stephanie


Instructor Stephanie England-Grey is well-known as “the teacher’s teacher”. She began riding at the age of 2 making horses her life’s passion and professional work. Stephanie’s passion for riding is reflected in the generations of working students who have impacted this farm. She believes interacting with your horse and learning to ride can provide a unique way to gain valuable life lessons inside and outside of the stables.




Fun fact: Stephanie received much acclaim for her charitable efforts—in January 2010, she rode a horse for 24 hours to raise money to benefit Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.


Stephanie England-Grey riding her American Standardbred Horse in competition.

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